Messaging and mobile platforms

Heavily packed article from Benedict Evans. Four or five threads interwoven and in collision course at the same time:

Can [messaging] become the third runtime and the third channel on the phone, after the web and native apps?

Do you turn apps into messages and notifications, or messages and notifications into apps?

Should this be done by Facebook or the platform owners (the same question as for deep linking last year)?

That may be the real problem for Facebook - the next messaging thing may not be messaging at all.

I tend to agree. I think Facebook is late here. But not as much as it was with Facebook Home. It's learning, and it's getting closer.

Update: A better summary from Steven Sinofsky, @stevesi:

Messaging and mobile platforms by @BenedictEvans "the smartphone itself is a social platform" +2414 more words. 👏👍