James Allworth on The Democratization of News

James Allworth on Exponent 039 - Lando Calrisian Publishers at about minute 49:

If you can get access to the same audience that The New York Times has access to and you can have access to the same tools. Conceivably, once they start to see this massive audience trends, if they get lots of people reading news that's native in Facebook - they could start to have tools similar to what Buzzfeed has for training people to understand [what] is the kind of thing that works.

And it gets to the point where you are anybody and you can create a piece of news. And you are willing to do it for very little cost, because of all the other benefits of having something successful.

I'm usually more on his side than Ben's, but this time his dystopia sounds like a veritable boom for the democratization of news. And very similar to what YouTube has done, enabling lots of individuals to become successful and profitable creators by breaking traditional media's already nonexistent monopoly on distribution.

I don't think, though, that the road to success for this wave of new publishers will be the introduction of new intermediaries (or the repurposing of the old ones), but the creation of a community around a niche subject. The New York Times will just have to find what its best at: national politics, international news, local New York news, etc..